Cabrinha X Breed Foil

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The Cabrinha X-Breed has a Twin tip and tail shape with a thruster fin configuration.

Designed for a rider who wants a board that crosses seamlessly between surf and freestyle with the added ability to attach a hydrofoil.
The X:Breed slips nicely into our surf range by offering solid surfing performance and exceptional freestyle abilities. The X:Breed crosses seamlessly between surfing and freestyle. Letting you flex your versatility muscles any time you please. The twin nose and tail shape draw a straighter rail line than a board of the same size. This means that the board has
the feeling of a longer board in a shorter, more compact package.
What makes the X:Breed Foil unique is its ability to attach any of our Hi-Rise hydrofoil to it. The X:Breed Foil opens the door to the exciting world of foilboarding.
Includes three (3) RTM hybrid bamboo/soric fins, rear and front deck pad and foil mounting hardware.
• Twin tip thruster design
• HI:RISE foil compatible
• Straighter rail. Great pop.
• Excellent for strapless tricks
• Incredibly lively under your feet
• Step rail for thinner rails and double concave deck

5’1” x 18” x 2” x 20.4L
5’3” x 18.5” x 2.04” x 21.6L
5’5” x 19.07” x 2.07” x 23.9L

Cabrinha X Breed Foil - SurfFX