Starboard Longboard Pro Blue Carbon Surfboard

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To allow for maximum nose riding in critical sections of a wave.


  • High-density PET foam wraps the deck for its strong impact resistance against heal dents, while a lightweight PVC foam wraps the full bottom to provide a high breaking point and tuned level of flex.
  • Built with a unique flex pattern, the highest grade 100g Biax Carbon wraps the entire board, further optimising the overall strength and stiffness at the lightest possible weight.
  • UD Carbon fibre wraps the rails of the board, allowing the board to flex and recoil, making the board feel alive as it springs and accelerates out of bottom turns.


  • The full PET/PVC sandwich coupled with the 100g Biax Carbon and multiple reinforcements provide an ultra-durable construction that radically decreases the chances of breaking or compressions.
  • Twin T-stringers on the deck and a further T-stringer on the bottom increase the overall total breakage strength and stiffness.



For increased speed, running into heaps of tail kick in the diamond tail.



  • 2 x FCS side fin boxes and 10″ Lightweight Starboard US box.
  • Fins not supplied with the board.
  • Based on the world proven and award-winning Carbon Sandwich construction, the Blue Carbon Pro features a full PVC wrap and the lightest 100g biaxial carbon fiber in the market.
  • Highest grade 100g biax carbon wraps the full deck, rail and bottom.
  • Thin high-density PVC wraps the entire board with an extra-strong PET standing reinforcement reduces resin uptake and increases the overall strength.
  • The sensational lightweight increases carving ability and acceleration.


9’1″ x 22″ / 59L

9’3″ x 22.5″ / 65L


2021 Starboard Longboard Pro Carbon
2021 Starboard Longboard Pro Carbon
2021 Starboard Longboard Pro Carbon
2021 Starboard Longboard Pro Carbon