2023 Starboard Hypernut Starlite SUP

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Since the first release in 2015, the Hyper Nut’s stability and maneuverability set a new benchmark in the short board SUP surfing. Now a best selling wave model, it allows you to transition to drastically shorter, more maneuverable boards without sacrificing balance. The unique parabolic rail provides a pivot point on the board so you can easily initiate turns, while the wide and short outline gives a fast, skatey & reactive ride like no other.

8’0” x 31.5”

The 8’0” is the biggest in the range and best if you’re up to 100kg or simply want the extra stability from the 31.5” width. Although the longest, the 8’0” is very responsive, fast down the line and easy to rotate through turns. The narrower nose draws a smooth line through turns, while the deeper swallow tail responds with less pressure to initiate turns.

7’4” x 30”

The 7’4” is ideal if you weight up to 90kg and are looking for a little more stability than the 7’2” but shorter length than the 8’0”. Probably our most popular size, the 7’4” was a favorite in the testing. The angled fins give you more bite and grip down the wave face, while the narrower nose is smoother through turns. The deeper swallow tail gives you faster response when stepping back to turn.

7’2” x 28”

If you weight up to 80kg and you want the shortest board that is easiest to whip around, the 7’2” is the board to go for. The compact size has a parallel outline to help you generate fast down the line speed to set up for slashy quick turns. A very versatile size, the 7’2” fits into tighter hollow waves due to the narrower width, as well as ripping in small surf.

2023 Starboard Hypernut Starlite SUP