2023 Starboard Wedge Starlite

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All at 32" wide, the Wedge range is designed to give you the best surfing performance without compromising stability, so you can surf better for longer.

The narrow nose allows you to generate more speed on the wave and makes it easier to turn without catching the nose. The pulled in tail makes the board very lively and responsive to maneuver, allowing you to have full control when stepping back to turn.

The thin rails define turning performance, easier for you to turn on rail with less effort creating an amazing feel of response.

These boards are very versatile, so you can surf in big to small conditions and the larger sizes gets into sup surfing for the first time.

Our different sizes and constructions are here to fit your skills level, body size and expectations, your satisfaction guaranteed from 8'0" x 32" to 112" x 32".


11’2” x 32”: A versatile cruising board with the fastest glide into waves and smooth carving off the tail. • An extra stable ride with easy glide for longer distance paddles and early entry into waves.

  • Widely accessible for riders up to 115kg wanting a stable board to learn with progression in smaller surf.
  • User-friendly and reactive turning from the midpoint.
  • 11’2” x 32” is the same carry over shape from 2020.

Bottom shape: Mono-concave to V with double concave to round V.


10’2” x 32”: Fast, reactive and controlled; the stable surfing all-rounder.

  • The pin tail makes it easier for you to engage and sink the tail for faster bottom turns and top turns with more drive.
  • The 10’2” glides fast into waves, is ultra responsive for its size in small surf, yet holds its line with control in bigger and steeper drops.
  • Double concave in the mid point allows you to have easier rail- to-rail turning with V on the tail for fast sensitive turning.
  • A great option if you want the glide for cruising, comfortable stability from the width and solid surfing performance from the narrow nose and tail.
  • 10’5” x 32” Lite Tech uses the previous Wide Point shape.

Bottom shape: Mono-concave through to double concave to V tail.


9’2” x 32”: A favorite in the testing and development, it turned heads with its control and responsiveness.

  • The 9’2” replaces the 9’5” Wide Point, making it easier to rotate turns, fit tighter in the critical section of the wave and has less swing weight to throw around.
  • The 9’2” is very responsive to turn due to the thin rails which requires you to use less foot pressure to initiate turns. Ultra reactive and sensitive.
  • The pin tail helps you drive through bottom turns and makes it faster to lift the nose around in top turns.

Bottom shape: Mono-concave through to double concave to V tail.


8’7” x 32”: Short, stable and sensitive. Combining comfort with high performance surfing.

  • Short compact length allows you to perform explosive tight turns, matched with a wide and stable outline.
  • The thin rails make the board respond and feel like a narrower board, sharing a similar characteristic to the much loved Airborn and Longboard ranges.
  • The 8’7” really is the stable high performance short board for you to rip yet have enough stability to make sessions longer.

Bottom shape: Mono concave to Vee concave at the fins to a flat Vee tail.


8’0” x 32”: Nimble, agile and compact. Stability meets maneuverablity in the shortest Wedge design.

  • The new 8’0” enters the highly popular wedge range, suited to lighter riders or those wanting added maneuverability and performance.
  • Based on the 8’7”, we reduced the outline to be 7” shorter, yet keeping the rails and bottom shape that make this board perform so well.
  • The shorter length is easier to rotate and less likely to get caught through turns.
  • The 8’0” fits tighter in the pocket and critical section of the wave.

Bottom shape: Mono concave to Vee concave at the fins to a flat Vee tail.

2023 Starboard Wedge Starlite