From Brisbane to Sydney, from Melbourne to Perth and Adelaide too we ship kiteboards, kites and kiteboarding gear Australia wide. At Surf FX we live to kitesurf, the latest news best newest kiteboarding videos can be found here on Although kitesurfing is an extreme sport advances in kite designs and the ability to control the power that they provide, effective safety release systems, and improving teaching standards as the sport matures. To speed up the learning process we recommend using a trainer kite. They are great fun and speed up the learning process with great instructional videos online

At Surf FX we have been kiteboarding since 1999 when the first inflatable production kites became available in Australia and have taught hundreds of happy kiteboarders. Our range of kites is the best in the country. We stock only the best brands and only sell the gear we would ride ourselves. Cabrinha, Ozone, North,  and Slingshot

Most riders use twin tip style boards. They are the easiest to learn with and are used in the freestyle tricks. The boards are strong yet have flex giving a smooth ride through chop making it easy to go upwind.

The Surfing part of the sport comes in with directional strapped and unstrapped kiteboards based on surfboard designs  but designed specifically for the speed and  abuse of kitesurfing. This style of board is for the intermediate and advanced kiteboarders as it is much harder to learn on surf, also know as a directional, style of board.