2017 JP Race AllWater 14’x24″ Biax Sale

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The 2017 JP Race Allwater boards are sleek machines, the result of countless number of prototypes, airfreight charges and days on the water of our best racers. Before they decided on the final shapes they locked James Casey, Vinnicius Martins, Peter Bartl and Branislav Sramek on Fuerteventura to find the magic Allwater formula. It features a planning hull design with rounded nose for connecting glides. The bottom transfers into a double concave bottom under the standing area slightly fading into a V tail. The tail became wider and thicker to add stability and planning area when stepping back into a surf stance on a glide. Boards have additional forward leash plug position to prevent feet from getting tangled up with the leash on the tail of the boards.

Available in a very light and cost effective Biax Glass

14′ x 24.5″ 269L

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