2018 Cabrinha Drifter

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The 2108 Drifter is an all New Kite! This kite is noticeably more powerful in turns with better bar feel than the previous version. The Drifter continues to be the best kite for slack line drifting as you ride down a wave towards the kite, after all this term came from the Drifter! What makes it an awesome wave kite also makes it a super stable kite for beginners that are prone to ‘over fly’ their kites (getting it so far above your head and behind you that it drops from the sky). Get one! You will love it.

The all-new design of the Drifter preserves its legendary drift stability while widening its range of use. With a new lighter bar pressure optionĀ and Onshore and Offshore settings, the Drifter performs in any and all surf conditions. And when it comes to surf freestyle the Drifter gives you the pop and control needed to perform at the highest level.

3 Strut, Hybrid design, Wing tip coning, 2 bridle setting options. Revisions to the arc, outline and profiles

Available kite only or with Cabrinha’s range of bars and don’t forget to add a pump (sold separately) if you need one.

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