2018 North Dice 12m SALE

From: $1,999.00 From: $1,399.00



The North Dice has been tweaked for 2018 for more freestyle performance. They made it super snappy in the loops and boosting boosty airs.

For 2018 there have been some major updates; the goal was to create a modern kite with a slight delta shape to make it a progressive freestyle kite for advanced riders. An extra panel was added between the centre and quarter strut; this increases the radius profile of the kite. Also, the leading edge diameters were completely reworked to increase the structural stiffness in the wingtip area. These changes have improved the dynamic handling that the DICE has always been famous for and impresses even the most progressive freestyle rider. The steering is now even more responsive, allowing you to boost bigger jumps and control your loops with ease. Pop created by the kite is explosive, and there is a good amount of slack for unhooked tricks too. The DICE is the only kite to combine outstanding pop and release for freestyle with dynamic handling for waves, pleasing the kite crack who wants it all.

Be sure to add a pump if you need one. The optional bars are priced with the free ride (smaller) loop.

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