Smik Hipster Twin Fin

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The Smik Hipster Twin is all just  a case of history repeating. With it being impossible not to notice the performance that’s evolved with the modern twin fin, many of the industries biggest brands carrying a twin in their range, but all carrying the heritage of the original MR twin fins. We even added a custom 8’10

Which was how it all started as I had a set of the MR twin fins with nubster set and thought how perfect a twinny would be for a sup, helping to loosen things up a bit. So I decided to build a board for the fins I had 🙂

The result was more than I could possibly have imagined. I was so apprehensive paddling out, thinking what if it’s a piece of shit, but these thoughts quickly disappeared after the first take off.  There were a whole new world of sup sensations  discovered this day.

Frictionless.  The board just felt like it had so much less drag. Which equated to a sensation of speed.  Which was highlighted when you put the board on rail and then experienced acceleration.  The next thing that blew me away was the rail to rail transition, which was so smooth. The way it fed up the face made everything feel so much more auto-matic.

You’d expect the twinnie to be skatey, where the truth of the matter is the exact opposite. It has such a line drive feeling, but the loose sensation is just how tight an on rail turn it can do. You can the release the tail at the end of a turn but it actually takes a lot more than you’d expect.

With it’s fuller nose and width just in front of the hip where it pull in to a nice fine swallow tail, they’re quite a stable board for their sizes, but not something that feels overly short or awkward to paddle over larger distances. (Most of my surfing is done on offshore Bombies quite a way out to sea.

7’8 x 28 x 98L            7’10 x 29.5 x 108L           8’0 x 30.5 x 118L           8’6 x 31.5 x  134L   8’10 Custom

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