Fanatic Sky SUP Foil Windsurf

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The 2020 Sky SUP foil Windsurf board is Fanatic's foil SUP with an insert to attach a windsurfing sail insert and footstrap inserts designed maximise your fun – even in tiny waves - or the lightest winds - and to give you the longest rides of your life! Everything about the compact Sky SUP has been optimised to make it as easy as possible to catch waves. The compact dimensions, thick bevelled rails and channel bottom give stability and allow it to paddle straight and free; while the recessed deck and stance give great leverage and control over the foil. This year Fanatic boosted the performance with higher rocker, refined outline with narrower nose, and added a step tail to reduce drag when riding steeper waves.
6'11" x 30" 142L

2020 Fanatic Sky SUP Foil Windsurf - SurfFX

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