2020 Starboard Hypernut Foil Starlite

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The Hyper Nut offers the stability from a larger board and performance of a smaller board.
This paddle board is a new found love in every quiver, it offers excitement to the most mediocre conditions. The short outline, thin rail and tail shape transform the performance.

The HYPER NUT FOIL is the lightest option for those only want to SUP Surf and SUP Foil. The foil box is further forwards to generate more lift for downwind foiling and pump foiling. Foil only does not include foot strap inserts. Available in Blue carbon and Starlite constructions.

8’0″ x 31.5″ / 7’4″ x 30″

2020 Starboard Hypernut Foil Starlite - SurfFX