2022 Fanatic Bee

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The Fanatic Bee is the ultimate watersports-weapon. Fanatic packed four different dimensions of pure fun into one board: SUP Surfing, SUP Foiling, Wing Foiling and Windsurf Foiling – you decide on the setup you ride. Foiling has brought a new dimension into watersports and adds multiple options of having fun in marginal conditions. Problem is – you can’t do everything. Or can you? The Fanatic Bee combines three foiling disciplines and adds regular SUP surfing as a bonus. If you’re into SUP surfing and think about adding foiling to your repertoire, the 2021 Bee is made for you! If it’s shallow you plug fins in, if you find long rolling swell you mount your foil and start to fly. If the wind picks up, you either use a wing or a windsurfing sail as your engine for endless flight time. The options are vast and the feedback from our testers is brilliant – throughout all disciplines!

7'8 x 30.75" 120L

2021 Fanatic Bee Surf FX