2021 Starboard 14' Allstar Wood Carbon

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The 2021 Starboard All Star is the world’s most winning, versatile and user-friendly race paddle board design. The new dugout standing area increases overall stability and control of this SUP racing board so you can focus on maximum power output with every stroke. NEW NARROWER TAIL OUTLINE Faster acceleration and overall glide per stroke. Upwind the narrower tail helps the board flow naturally with bumps, helping to lift the nose over swell. Downwind, it makes it more reactive to maneuver between bumps. Easier to sink the tail for fast snappy buoy turning. NEW EXTENDED AND LOWER STANDING AREA Helps to lower the rider’s center of gravity for improved stability and control. Riders can now reach faster speeds and maintain speed over a longer time as they can focus on paddling with maximum power, instead of losing energy balancing. OPTIMIZED NOSE VOLUME Provides greater float and lift in flat water, allowing for faster acceleration. Gives greater buoyancy and lift upwind and prevents nose diving when paddling downwind. The pop and release allow the rider to maintain glide with a steady cadence. ROUND VEE WITH DOUBLE CONCAVE BOTTOM Allows the board to sit higher on the water forcing the board to lift faster with every stroke. It feels lighter to paddle, allowing you to conserve more energy. During sprints, the board accelerates faster, as it lifts and glides on a narrower planing surface. Upwind it floats over chop easily without getting stuck, allowing you to keep a strong paddle cadence. Downwind it is faster and more responsive to maneuver. More forgiving in side chop, as it’s less affected by the swell as it floats between bumps. WOOD CARBON GREAT STRENGTH, COMPETITIVE WEIGHT, VALUE OFFERING Australian Pine reinforcement is used on the full length of the standing area for extra impact strength against dents. New UD Carbon reinforced standing area provides extra durability and stiffness at the greatest impact zone. UD Carbon reinforcements cover the rail, increasing the strength longitudinally and offer faster recoil.
2021 Starboard 14' Allstar Wood Carbon