2021 Starboard iSonic Carbon ReflexSandwich

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Four new shapes made the cut this year: the 63, 72, 77 and 83. 63: added concave increases confort on this high wind model. Strap positions have been moved back to reduce wetted-surface area to give a board that is more free and always in control.72: the straps are also placed further back. The flat section of the bottom has been reduced on the sides and refined cutaways help the board to fly freer and reach higher top speeds. 77: a more prononced vee at 90cm frees up the board and trims the board more over the fin, improving acceleration and top speed. 83: larger cutaways and a smoother rockerline helps the board fly over chop more easily and reduce wetted-surface area for higher speeds in medium to light winds and choppy waters.


Dimensions: 225×63, 96 liters 

Matteo Iachino’s secret weapon for strong winds. Comfort at high speeds is improved by adding deeper concaves. This comfort allows you to go even faster. The straps positions are further back to reduce the wetted surface area to a minimum, making the board feel totally free while remaining in total control. With this new geometry, you can unlock some insane top speeds. Available in Carbon Sandwich and the flagship Carbon Reflex Sandwich technology.



Dimensions: 228×72, 122 liters 

A favorite on the PWA tour. The wetted surface area was minimized by reducing the length of the flat section close to the rails and tweaking the cut away shape. The result is quicker acceleration and improved top speed. The straps are placed further back to help the board fly free, improving acceleration and top-end speed.



Dimensions: 228×77, 127 liters 

The iSonic 77 has increased V at 90cm from the tail, under your front foot, helping the board rail better on the fin. This frees up the board for improved acceleration and speed.



Dimensions: 228×83, 134 liters 

The iSonic 83 has a new smoother rocker line that improves the board’s comfort in choppy water. The new cutaway shapes reduce the wetted surface area. Together, they allow the board to fly with more speed in heavier chop than before. Reducing the wetted surface area also helps extract maximum acceleration from gusts of wind.



2021 Starboard iSonic Carbon ReflexSandwich