2021 Starboard Sprint Wood Carbon

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The new 2021 Starboard Sprint refinements are faster and more efficient, yet maintains similar stability as the 2020 models. The Sprint is not just Starboard’s fastest race board; it’s possibly the proven fastest board in the world, winning more races in the last 3+ years than any other board in the industry NEW THICK AND SHARP BOXY NOSE New squarer nose shape pops and slices through the water with ease. Angled nose design with sharp centre nose ridge and angled rails limits water wrapping around the nose for a more stable ride. NEW 1 INCH NARROWER OUTLINE FASTER SPEED, CLEANER STROKE The narrower outline accelerates faster and maintains a higher top speed due to the reduced wetted surface area, limiting friction and drag. The nose and tail outline remain the same width to retain stability and pop. Despite the narrow width, the size of the inside standing area remains the same as 2020 models. NEW DUGOUT RAILS Shaped for maximum stability, comfort and helps with balance in choppy conditions. NEW STRAIGHT AND RAISED RAILS Prevents water from wrapping into the standing area, adding excess weight and drag. Improves stability due to the lower center of gravity NEW RAIL ANGLE Rails are angled outwards so, the widest point is at the top of the rail, and the narrowest outline is at the bottom. The wide top rail provides stability while the narrow planning surface reduces drag and increases overall speed. WOOD CARBON GREAT STRENGTH, COMPETITIVE WEIGHT, VALUE OFFERING Australian Pine reinforcement is used on the full length of the standing area for extra impact strength against dents. New UD Carbon reinforced standing area provides extra durability and stiffness at the greatest impact zone. UD Carbon reinforcements cover the rail, increasing the strength longitudinally and offer faster recoil.
2021 Starboard Sprint Wood Carbon