2022 Starboard Avanti Starlite

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2022 Starboard Avanti Big SUP Stand Up Paddleboard

11’0” x 36”Avanti: Fun and easy glide, an incredibly stable board for heavier or multiple riders to cruise and surf.

 • Thinned out rails means you can react faster with more control and less effort, making it overall easier to turn

• “A big board that surprised me with its smoothness to roll onto rail turns and surfed very agile for its size” ~Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

• At 36” wide, the Avanti has the stability and performance to make surfing easier for entry level paddlers. Bottom shape: Mono-concave nose to V with double concave to channel tail

11' x 36" 243L

2022 Starboard Avanti Starlite