2022 Starboard Generation

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The Generation can be described best as a touring, surfing and racing crossbreed. It is designed to be a simple choice for every The tail is refined to be sharp and equipped with thruster fin boxes. This means that the Generation will perform well in surf and ocean swells. The Generation also has accessories like bungee tie downs to secure touring equipment and a carry handle for easy carrying. Designed for the paddle surfers, explorers, racers and all round SUP enthusiasts.

Available in 12’6” and 14’0”. If you want the fastest option then choose the 14’0” models. The longer length offers the fastest glide and best efficiency, allowing you to paddle longer distances with more speed than the 12’6”. The 14’0” is the best option for those more focused at cruising, touring and racing. The 12’6” being shorter remains the more maneuverable option, easier and faster to turn in the surf and nimble for lighter riders. If you’re focused on surfing, have limited storage and want a board thats easier to transport, then go with the 12’6”.

The Generation is available in 3 widths. The 30” width is the most stable option for heavier riders and those that want the most forgiveness in choppier conditions. The 28” width is the best combination of speed and stability, offering the best of both worlds. The 26” is more targeted at speed and efficiency, suited for lighter riders and high skilled riders that choose speed over stability.

14'0"x30": If you want to maximise your glide and have the most stable ride, the 14'0x30" is the go to board. Designed for riders up to 120kg.

14'0"x28": Designed for riders up to 110kg, the 28" is the orginal size which combines speed and stability, giving you the best of both.

14'0"x26": If speed is your priority, then this is the board for you. The 14'0" length maximises the glide and allows you to compete in the 14'0" race class, while the 26" width is most efficient for riders up to 100kg.

12''6"x30": Being the widest 12'6" it offers the best stability for riders up to 110kg. The 12'6" length being shorter is easier to maneuver on and off the water.

12'6"x28": Suited to riders up to 100kg, the 28" is the original favorite of the Generation and our best selling model.

12'6"x26": The 26" is the fastest and most efficient 12'6", designed for lighter riders up to 90kg.

2022 Starboard Generation
2022 Starboard Generation
2022 Starboard Generation
2022 Starboard Generation