2022 Starboard Pro

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2022 Starboard Pro SUP Stand Up Paddleboard

The 2022 Starboard Pro range has been designed and developed by World Champion riders Benoit Carpentier and Zane Schweitzer, giving you the best high-performance shape to rip like a pro in the waves. The short compact outline reduces the swing weight, making it easier and faster for you to turn and fit in more critical pockets of the wave without the nose catching. The thin rails require less effort to turn the board on rail, giving you more control to whip the board around and generate faster speeds to set up for explosive maneuvers. The sharp rail edge at the tails gives you more drive and bite through turns, making you feel more in control with every maneuver. The swallow tail allows you to pump and reach faster speeds and sharper turns in more critical sections of the wave. The fins are positioned to close to the rail so you have more bite and faster response to maneuver. The Pro line is offered in the Blue Carbon Pro and Limited Series, as well as a range of sizes from 6’8” x 24” to 9’0” x 30” to match your skill level and rider weight.

9’0” x 30” The 9’0” is the biggest board in the range and the first pro design to go as wide as 30”, designed for riders that want extra stability and float. The length works as a gun style board in bigger surf, generating faster down the line speed. The narrow nose outline means that swing weight is minimal, making the 9’0” react and respond to every maneuver on point. The extra float and stability makes the 9’0” a safe option for those that want to save energy when conditions get choppy and makes surf sessions last longer. Don’t be fooled though, the performance on the 9’0” delivers the same excitement and flare as the smallest size in the range. The 9’0” replaces the 8’10”x29” Pro XL, with 157 L it is the true big boys ripper for riders up to 120kg.

8’7” X 29.5” The 8’7” doesn’t feel like the second biggest board in the range, in fact far from it. Yes it has 135L to float a rider up to 110kg, but the performance is unmatched for a board of its size. The 8’7” rips and has a distinct smoothness in its ride. The thin rails engage with ease, giving the rider the trust in pushing more radical and powerful maneuvers. The shorter outline makes it turn that much tighter and earlier than those used to the 8’10”x29” predecessor.

8’0” x 29”: The 8’0” packs a surprising amount of volume for its size, making it a very viable option for riders that might normally be intimidated by going so short. The slightly domed deck holds the float and stability, thinning out at the rails to allow for responsive foot pressure when turning without making the board feel corky. The 8’0” replaces the 8’3”x29” Pro and is more stable, easier to turn and fits in tighter pockets of the wave thanks to the shorter length.

7’7” x 28” The 7’7” x 28” replaces both the 7’10”x28” and 29”, and yet despite being shorter, it actually has 5 liters more float for riders up to 85kg. The 7’10” was the first size to be scaled up from the 6’8” and it was immediately a clear winner! The thin and sharp rails provide so much speed down the line that it makes it easy to set up for explosive maneuvers. The fin positioning closer to the rails delivers more bite and drive through turns. The rocker makes it easy to paddle into waves, with enough nose kick to make the drops precisely. In summary, shorter length makes it easier to turn, thinner rails react faster and with more control.

7’2” x 26.75” The 7’2” replaces 2 sizes; the 7’7”x26.75” and 7’2”x25.5”, sitting in between at 87L, it is suited for riders up to 80kg. Copying the length of the previous 7’2” and with the width of the 7’7”, it makes it possible to rip like the best with a little extra comfort in stability. The rail thickness is ultra thin to enable long and sharp carving turns. The short outline makes it fit in the tightest pockets and reduces the nose from catching during the most critical maneuvers.

6’8” x 24” The 6’8” was designed and tested by ISA World SUP Surf Champion’s Benoit Carpentier and Zane Kekoa Schweitzer. Designed to win, the 6’8” carved the way for the new Pro range. All other sizes are exactly scaled versions of this board, so any rider using a new 021 Pro can trust they share the same design and performance from the highest performing athletes in the world. The short outline is easier to whip around with less chance of the nose catching through turns. The board initially was tested with a removable tail piece, allowing the riders to swap between a squash tail and a swallow tail. The response to the swallow tail was instant, generating so much more speed and more bite to turn in tighter pockets of the wave.


  • 9'0" x 30": 157L
  • 8'7" x 29.5": 135L
  • 8'0" x 29": 121L
  • 7'7" x 28": 107L
  • 7'2" x 26.75": 87L
  • 6'8" x 24": 76L
2022 Starboard Pro