2023 Starboard Spice Limited Series

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  • The Spice is an all new wave range that gives you incredible rail carving, impressive speed through sections and instant drive out of turns.
  • The design brief focused on offering more performance and progression than the Wedge, while being more user-friendly and forgiving than the Pro.
  • The unique bevelled rail shape makes turning both ultra-responsive and easy. The slightest foot pressure and the board just rolls in the direction you want to go. The rails are super fine both in the nose and tail, reducing the swing weight through your turns and giving you direct response when applying pressure on the tail.
  • The all wave performance of the Spice allows it to handle a range of conditions, from small beach breaks to overhead point breaks. The Spice was developed in Portugal with shaper Luis "Lacrau", where it was put to test by a number of riders in a range of conditions.
  • From bevelled thin rails, wing tail, concave bottom shape, the design elements that make up this board work in harmony, giving you a ride that syncs speed, power and flow. Quad and thruster options lets you choose which tricks to pull.
  • From light to heavy, enthusiasts to pros, the Spice range offers a size for all.


9’3” x 32.75”: The 9’3” is the biggest in the range at 153 L, designed to be the most stable option for heavier riders between 100-130 kg. The length glides easily when catching waves and gives you good speed to quickly paddle back out to catch another ride. At 32.75” wide, the board has plenty of stability to accommodate heavy paddlers or if you just want an ultra-stable ride.

8’8” x 32”: At 139 L, the 8’8” is sure to be a favourite among riders that want to save energy and maximise surf time. Long enough to get you into waves, yet compact for you to whip around and fit into sections without your nose catching through turns. Incredibly generous in stability from the 32” width. Expected to be a highly popular size for most riders around 95-115 kg. 

8’2” x 30.75”: Ideal for riders between 80-95 kg. The 8’2” was Trevor Tunnington’s favourite model during the development in Portugal. This size is easy to paddle yet reacts on a dime from the thin bevelled rails. Fast, stable and on point, the performance defies its size.

7’11” x 29”: Suited to riders between 65-80 kg, the 7’11” is a lot of fun and full of surprises! The length makes you perform radical turns and fit tight in the critical section of the waves without the nose catching. At 29”, the width gives you enough float without hindering speed or manoeuvrability.

6’9” x 25.5”: Ideal for higher skilled or lighter riders between 50-70 kg. After trying the other sizes and loving the feel of the Spice design, World Champion Benoit Carpentier requested to make the 6’9” so he could compete on it when conditions were not so ideal for the Pro. The 6’9” is also ideal for lighter riders that want the most compact design with the best manoeuvrability.

2023 Starboard Spice Limited Series