DaFin Brian K Black Signature Fins

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"We live in the present in perfect balance because of our strong values from cultures to communities and from families to friendships. This is what grounds us. We have one foot planted firmly in the knowledge of the past and our other foot is always adapting to the future, which truly balances us in the present. I trust DaFin as an essential part of my safety necessities." - Brian Keaulana

Brian Keaulana is a renowned waterman whose life work has been in the ocean.

He is a lifeguard, professional surfer, big wave rider and tandem surfing world champion. For many years, Brian served as lifeguard captain of Oahu's Leeward coastline, a position once held by his father, the legendary Buffalo Keaulana. Through these roles, Brian has been an innovator in water safety risk management, constantly finding himself in the most precarious situations to ensure the safety of others. He was also one of the early pioneers in the development of jet ski rescue, and the development of rescue sleds. 

More recently, Brian is using his unique ocean knowledge and skills in Hollywood movies, where he performs and acts as a stunt co-ordinator for the film industry and has also consulted for some of the Worlds most elite training forces.

Whether he is managing water safety for Big Wave surfing events, or stunt co-ordination, Brian relies on DaFin to give him the strength, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance to avoid danger in the ocean.

  • 100% Malaysian Rubber 
  • Comfortable Foot Pocket
  • Lightweight 
  • Extremely powerful 
  • Maximum Control 
  • Can be worn on either foot
  • Floats in salt water
  • Used by the Worlds Best Waterman
  • Official fin of the United States Lifesaving Association and Hawaiian Lifeguard Association
DaFin Brian K Black Signature Fins