2021 Duotone Slick Wing Foil

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The all-new Duotone Slick Wing Foil is designed around the Mini Boom concept. This offers some unique advantages over other wings on the market. This system gives you all the control of a boom, along with all the benefits of a center strut. You get improved control over the profile and luffing stability, plus a much more integrated connection to the wing itself through the Mini Boom.

You can choose between aluminium or carbon booms. One size fits all the wings. Dihedral angles on wings are critical. The team spent a long time working out the best angle to offer the maximum stability when riding using the front handle. The canopy tension has been tuned to offer the maximum power with an absolute minimum of flutter. The window shape has also been refined to provide unrivalled visibility.

Slick vs Echo or Unit

The Duotone Slick Wing Foil is the latest project. Many riders will be impressed by the performance advantages. Why should you choose the Slick over the Echo or the Unit? The Slick is the versatile all-rounder in the range, being the most innovative and most advanced design out there. It is perfect for beginners and experts alike. If you want a wing that can do it all, is forgiving and easy to fly, packed with the latest technology and a perfect blend between simple and elaborate, the Slick is the ideal choice for you. Compared to previous Duotone wings, the stability as well as the upwind ability are improved.

Due to the intuitive hand positioning, the handling of the wing is super easy. It offers a very neutral drift and plenty of depower.

The steering and handling of the Slick is very direct and the power delivery very efficient, without needing a lot of strength.

Mini Boom

The Mini Boom connecting to the center strut is offering a very easy handling and fits to all sizes and is available in alloy or carbon.

The overall wing span is reduced to achieve and even easier handling of the Slick.

The updated window geometry now guarantees better visibility in all sorts of riding situations.

Duotone Slick Wing
Duotone Slick Wing
Duotone Slick Wing
Duotone Slick Wing