2022 Duotone Unit D Lab

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*Wing does not include Leash. Please add duotone wrist leash if required

Duotone Unit D Lab 2022 Aluula wind wing. The new Duotone Unit D/Lab is super stiff and light with the new Aluula material on the leading edge and strut. Forget what you think you know about wings, the Unit D/LAB has arrived and sets a new benchmark of wing design.

With over 15% in weight savings and 50% higher stiffness when compared to the original Dacron version, the performance of the Unit D/LAB will blow your mind. Throwing convention out of the window, this is the latest offering carrying the prestigious D/LAB label which is synonymous with leading innovation and technology, breaking the boundaries of what was thought to be possible.

The Duotone Laboratory uses the most cutting edge materials and design techniques, putting material and development costs aside with the sole focus on developing the ultimate product possible.

2022 Duotone Unit D Lab