FCS Premium Soft Racks

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OVERVIEW: Offering unparalleled security, the unique D-Ring mechanism is a simple and highly effective way to strap your boards down.

Single Holds 1-3 shortboards, 1-2 longboards
Double Holds 1-6 shortboards, 1-4 longboards
SUP Holds 1-2 SUPs

D-Ring: the strongest, most reliable way to secure your boards. Nomoving parts means no chance of mechanical failure or rusting of moving parts.
Fits most vehicles
Square non-rolling pads
Heavy-duty 32mm webbing
Strong metal buckles _x000D_
Reinforced PVC panels prevent wax build-up on pads _x000D_
Quick and simple to use. No installation required _x000D_

FCS Premium Soft Racks - SurfFX

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