Futures Hayden HS 7 + SB1

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Futures Hayden Plunder Surfboard Fin

Side Fins - Height 3.73 | Base 3.63 | Area 10.08
Centre Fin - Height 4.84 | Base 4.53 | Area 15.86

The HS 2+1 fin is highly unique and versatile, and was designed specifically for use with the Haydenshapes Plunder model. The Plunder can be ridden as a single fin using only the HS 2+1 center, giving you a flowing feel with plenty of pivot around the fin during turns. To create a little extra speed, a 2+1 setup can be arranged, giving the board a blend of the thruster feel with the traditional single fin setup.

Futures Hayden HS Plunder 7 + SB1

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