JP Funster

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The JP Funster provides superior stability and easy handling which the beginner needs! After only a few hours everybody will be sailing back and forth. Yet, they are more than pure beginner boards because they can get you to the planing barrier of a large freeride board. Consequently they are excellent beginner and family boards, also offering potential to the advanced rider.

The new designs feature a more parallel outline and a new bottom shape concept which starts with a flat Vee to a Vee with concaves towards the nose.

The new 170 unites the advantages of the previous 160 and 180 and has a very wide range of use. It works as a beginner board for most riders from kids, to lightweights to sporty medium weights. It is still short to turn easily – an important feature the lighter riders and the lighter the wind.

The new 200 is the perfect beginner board as it is very wide and stable. It is a bit longer which provides better tracking – an advantage for heavier beginners.

JP Funster

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