Mullet Biscuit

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1. 10lb PE Deck - Deck skin providing perfect amount of strength, durability and traction.

2. Exo-skeletal Membrane (ESM) - A unique layer fused between the EPS core and the deck / slick materials to provide extra strength, durability and impact absorbtion.

3. EPS Core - 100% Waterproof. Light in weight, however provides ultimate strength and durability.

4. Bamboo Stringer Technology (BST) - This provides a backbone to the core of the board. The Bamboo stringer is re-enforced with fibreglass sheeting to provide the optimal balance of flex and strength without sacrificing weight.

5. Foam Substrate -

6. Xtra Duralinx Slick - A high density slick material promoting speed, protection and durability.

This is Mullet's latest creation! The "Bones and Shanks" system is a revolutionary fin system which allows;

  • A deck with no visible fin screws
  • Quick and easy fin installation or removal
  • Options to surf your Mullet with different fin combinations or finless
  • Use of other twin tab "hard fins" to increase board performance

Core Construction

There is more than meets the eye to the Mullets! Every board is created through an extensive development process, then constructed with a range of materials to create a premium product.

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Mullet Biscuit
Mullet Biscuit
Mullet Biscuit
Mullet Biscuit