Neilpryde Flight F4 Evo Foil

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The FLIGHT F4 EVO foil is the Formula One racing foil in our range. This evolution has been designed in collaboration with F4 USA. The FLIGHT F4 EVO features a full carbon pre-preg construction.

With an extended fuselage length, FLIGHT F4 EVO offers improved Upwind/Downwind performance and more comfortable riding. The new tail stabilizer with a precise connection and adjustable wing angle dramatically increases stability, especially noticeable during jibing.

FLIGHT F4 EVO maintains a very stiff construction ensuring low drag, allowing the rider to use every gust for acceleration. The high-lift front carbon wing allows for early take off, great lift and generates amazing stability.

Mast: 95cm
High-lift wing span: 80cm
Tail wing span:38cm
Base: Deep Tuttle
Fuselage Length:75.2 cm
Construction:Full Carbon Pre-preg
Weight: 3.9 kg (with Packaging:6.92 kg)

Neilpryde Flight F4 Evo Foil - SurfFX