Ocean&Earth Whip Thruster Fin Set

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Ocean&Earth Whip Thruster OE1 Fin.

Need some new surfboard fins? Designed for lighter, more agile surfers, the OE1 Whip Thruster surfboard fin provides those whippy turns in the pocket and the ability to slide the tail while maintaining control. Want to loosen your surfboard up? These are the perfect surfboard fins for you!


  • Honeycomb.


  • More flex (whipper response) for the light, more agile surfers.

Ideal Waves:

  • All types but best in beach breaks.


  • Predictable / Control used in the majority of boards ideal in all conditions.


  • Small: Height 109mm X Base 108mm
  • Medium: Height 120mm X Base 112mm
  • Large: Height 136mm X Base 115mm
Ocean&Earth Whip Thruster Fin Set