Ozone Infinity V2 Kiteboard

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The Ozone Infnity V2 lightwind kiteboard uniquely blends a clasic twin-tip freeride feeling with impressive light wind performance, making riding in a breeze more exciting and progressive. Price includes Ozone bindings.


Alive with speed and maneuverability, the Infinity redefines what we think of as a light wind board. It is livelier, lighter and smaller than other light wind specific boards - the Infinity motivates progression! It has range too; as the wind increases the Infinity remains smooth and controllable to ride thanks to its unique hybrid freeride-light wind outline. The Infinity V2 features updated 3D shaping at the tips and refined flex patterns for a smoother rider in chop and increased comfort on landings and when carving turns. The double concave bottom shape going flat towards channeled tips and optimized rocker line provides early planning, continuous board speed through lulls and impressive upwind performance. Off centered inserts relieve stress on ankles while edging to ride upwind, this also allows for an easy load and pop in light breezes. Ideally suited for twin-tip riders who want simply to cruise, freeriders searching for high end light wind performance, all the way to freestyle addicts aspiring to throw unhooked tricks in a breeze. Don’t find yourself sitting in desperation on the beach, take the Infinity and tear it up!

Ozone Infinity V2 Kightwind Kiteboard