RackItUp Surfboard Storage Rack

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This surfboard rack is suitable for all surfboards and can be mounted to any wall material.

Sturdy Rack Manufactured from engineering reinforced glass-filled nylon resin
Rack Capacity = 1 Surfboard
Holds up to 18kg (39lbs)
Can be mounted any distance apart to accommodate all different length surfboards
Storage Rack for all Surfboards
Great way to Organise your Garage
Rack Protrudes from wall 440mm (17″)
45 degree angle
Will Never Rust
Rack can be mounted to any wall material, drywall, tile, stucco/plaster, wood, brick or concrete.

2 x Universal Sleeves
2 x Surfboard Storage Arms
2 x Rubber Pads (For Board Protection)

RackItUp Surfboard Rack - SurfFX