SIC Bayonet 14'

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The Bayonet Series is not a progression from the Bullet 14.0 v2 / Bullet 17.4, it is an extension, a derivative of its world-class next of kin, the Bullet. The Bayonet was tweaked and tuned to meet the needs of the SIC team and elite downwind paddlers around the world. With a focus on early planing capability and increasing top- end speed, the Bayonet will surely continue SIC’s legacy of having the fastest downwind boards in the world. The Bullets remain without a doubt some of the fastest downwind boards in the world, however, comparatively are wider and therefore are for paddlers who want speed without giving up rail-to-rail stability.


After years of shaping, testing, racing and creating world-class watercraft, Raaphorst took all of this cumulative knowledge into the shaping bay and what came out was the Bayonet 14.0 and Bayonet 17.4. A sleek, narrow and super-fast downwind board that worked amazing in sub-twenty knot conditions and increased top end speed in all conditions. This board does not have F.A.S.T. for 2018. As many downwind races in the 14.0 class are xed- n, we opted to leave F.A.S.T. off to make sure the board is as light as possible. This board features a higher bow volume, lowered deck standing area and balanced outline. The board has a balanced outline and wider tail to enhance rail-to-rail stability. 14'x26" 295L



The Bayonet is shaped with a at bottom (planing hull) and is offered in a 14.0 length without F.A.S.T, however, comes stock with a 12k carbon Weedless n and is constructed in SCC+ (Single Carbon Composite + InnegraTM) construction. The Bayonet 17.1 is built with DCC+ (Double Carbon Composite + InnegraTM) for a super stiff and durable hull. Also equipped with F.A.S.T and a 3K carbon Dagger n. Both sizes feature an EZ-Grab carry handle and leash plugs in the tail in forward cockpit.