Smik Style Lord V2

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The Smik Style Lord V2 is available in 3 widths to suit the popular 10' class of performance longboard style paddle boarding.
10' x 28" 130L

10’ x 30 V2 151L

-Version 2.0 of the Style Lord x30 maintains characteristics of the original version, but with some small changes combining to make a considerable difference.

-Refined outline curve. - The curves have just been brought in and smoothed out ,with the resulting effect of an easier initiation of turns. Squash tail creates drive whilst adding to stability

A Smoother/increased rocker over it’s previous incarnation, it still maintains excellent glide. Stepping back, she’s got an aggressive cutback which is a little easier to bring it round without requiring as much torque. Added rolled V in the middle and down through the tail, with a deeper double concave running through the curve and V combine to meld speed flow and drive through turns. Nose rocker and single concave makes it a nose riding delight with rails being low volume, but rounded providing response without bogging.

Style Lord 10’x 29 x 133L

Basically a skinnier version of the x30 with a pintail instead of the squash.

The resulting effect of this being a less stable, but more reactive longboard for those getting a little bit competitive in their aspirations.

Both boards are more than capable in small powerless waves with good glide, but take them out in a bit of juice and they’ll be more than capable of holding a line in larger surf.

10’ x 32 x 165L same design principals as the “x 29” just blown up into a larger version. (Replacing the North Freo Long Mac.)

Smik Style Lord V2 - SurfFX
Smik Style Lord V2 - SurfFX
Smik Style Lord V2 - SurfFX
Smik Style Lord V2 - SurfFX
Smik Style Lord V2 - SurfFX
Smik Style Lord V2 - SurfFX

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