Sunova Ocean Faast Pro

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The Sunova Ocean Faast Is a killer dugout downwind machine.
It is a race board designed for rough ocean conditions. With a downwind focus in design the board works well upwind and crosswind.
This board will go down wind better than any other board in the Sunova FAAST range and with a range of sizes it will suit paddlers from beginner to pro
The Ocean Faast has high volume nose area and nose rocker to suit bumpy conditions and kept the nose from diving under combined with a thin out line in the tail for excellent release and glide. The dugout standing area gives extra stability by keeping you low and provides extra stiffness over flat deck boards.
Fin placement is key and has been designed to keep the board loose and east to turn
Fuller nose area, skinny tail, pin at both ends The wider high volume nose keeps the board from diving under when punching through waves and the skinny tail helps to cleanly release the water flow from the board. The Ocean Faast features soft rails that harden slightly through the middle. This forgiving rails through the whole board so they don’t grab and steer the board keeping it more controllable for paddle power and steering off the tail when you need to.
The Rocker on the Ocean Faast is based on ease of use down wind. Plenty of kick in the nose to keep it above water and moderate tail rocker to keep it fitting in the bumps but not so much that it reduces glide.
The biggest feature of the Ocean Faast is the dugout deck which allows you to stand lower to the water and therefor more stable in the board and lets you use a shorter paddle allowing you to get more power from each stroke. The dugout design also allows the board to carry through the volume into the nose area and also adds incredible stiffness to the board.
14' x 24" 297L
14' x 25.5" 316L
14' x 27" 335L
Sunova Ocean Faast Pro - SurfFX
Sunova Ocean Faast Pro - SurfFX
Sunova Ocean Faast Pro - SurfFX
Sunova Ocean Faast Pro - SurfFX