Takuma Kujira Front Wing

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Takuma Kujira front foil wings. The name Kujira is Japanese for whale. The revolutionary tubercle design mimics the pectoral fin of the humpback whale which are known for their agility, power and efficiency. Resulting in enormous improvement in terms of lift, glide, stability and comfort during flight.


500 / Big wave riding.

  • Unmatched speed.
  • Control and precise turns at speed.
  • Intense carving potential.
  • Chosen by advanced and professional riders who are looking to challenge themselves.

750 / Advanced agility

  • Designed for expert or lightweight riders.
  • Extreme performance with unmatched lift.
  • Maintains high level of control at high speed.
  • Intense carving potential with tight turning pivot.
  • Especially tailored for prone surfing, wing riding and tow-in foiling.

980 / Performance in waves

  • A killer performance in almost all ocean conditions.
  • Smooth glide and easy control.
  • Extremely stable at any altitude.
  • Ultra-responsive yet predictable.
  • Closest feeling to traditional surfing.
  • Ultimate choice for wingfoiling, prone and downwind foiling in mild to heavy conditions.

1095 / Endless gliding

  • Exceptional glide with fast top end speed.
  • High aspect performance and rail to rail riding.
  • Easy pumping and smooth carving.
  • Maintains height even at low speed.
  • Performs brilliantly on the surface.
  • Progressive, stable lift.

1210 / All-around foil

  • Exceptional performance in all conditions.
  • Fantastic pumping ability.
  • Incredible glide and smooth carving.
  • Additional width and chord.
  • Unmatched control and stability.
  • Smooth carving in chop.
  • Astonishing glide on every ride.

1440 / Exceptional downwind

  • An absolute downwind machine.
  • Non-stop glide & unparalleled power.
  • Super early, smooth and easy take-off.
  • Immediate powerful acceleration.
  • Ultimate choice for heavier riders.
Takuma Kujira Front Wing
Takuma Kujira Front Wing
Takuma Kujira Front Wing
Takuma Kujira Front Wing