Cabrinha Moto 01

The all new Cabrinha Moto can do it all, from freestyle to waves.

2021 Cabrinha Moto – Surf FX



Hey guys Jon from Surf FX and I'm having a look at the new 2021, although Cabrinha call it an 01, Moto. Now I really like this kite the first version I had myself the second version I had and it's a totally new redesigned kite now for 2021. So a few things that they've done for, it they've got the profile of the kite and they opened it up a little bit in the middle which is good because that will enable it to fly a bit further into the wind and definitely hang time a little bit more hang time and they've really kind of just they said they changed the cone shape of the kite so what they mean by that is just how it kind of wraps around so doing that they they've added a whole bunch of segments to the leading edge so those extra segments allow them to really maintain and control the shape of the kite as it comes around so that's really going to just help it cut through the wind and just get it much more aerodynamic. They use a particular dacron to get that leading edge quite rigid and those extra segments really really help with that shape so it's able to lock in that profile so it doesn't distort.

They really worked on the feel of this kite so previously it was, I liked it because it had a little bit of a heavy feel but steering could have been a bit better what they've done now they went for a lighter bar pressure but quite a direct steering feel so the actual amount of input you have to put in it doesn't feel like a lot but you do get quite a bit out of the kite so a lot of that was done through bridle tuning and again having that more open profile the kite allowing the wingtips to kind of twist and pull the kite around. So what's the Moto for, it's really an all-around kite so it's almost as if they did like a three-strut switchblade but where the switchblade is a little bit heavier and the five strut design the three struts nice and light keeps it a little bit more nimble so you also get a little bit more stability with wave riding and the slack line because it's not so heavy and it really is just a kite that's really quite balanced for what most people want to do with a kiteboard.

So getting that aerodynamics down is really through the panel design and you can see here particularly on this kite because of the color where you see the white stitch of the different segments so they're quite a bit closer together than what most companies use and they do that to enable to really tailor the profile of the kite as it's in the air as it's inflated. Now they actually use a specific rip stop that Cabrinha have and it's tough like we had a sample of it and it was something that you couldn't tear you'd have to really really stab it in order to get it to go and it still it didn't run too much when it tore like normal rip stop does so kind of nice having a rip stop that kind of stops ripping because most time it just tears in half so it's something really nice they've done keeping it quite durable with the Cabrinha setup.

New graphics are pretty sweet so you've got here you've got this more gray and orange and there's a couple other colors that are just really really popping, even a really light there's almost like almost white one which is pretty fresh looks really bright in the sky so they've really come along and done a really nice job on how they've presented the kites and just the overall look of the whole range this year.