Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone kites, kiteboards, wings, kite surfboards and accessories for kiteboarding and kitesurfing in Australia

Duotone build quality products for kiteboarding and wing foiling with well designed twin tip boards, surf board boards and foilboards.

Duotone kiteboarding now set themselves apart from the rest of the industry through their environmental mission with recyclable packaging and materials.

With great boards, hydrofoils and wind wings for: freestyle kiteboarding with the Dive and Vegas, surf and downwind wing foiling (wing ding) with the Echo and Unit wings, and wave kitesurfing with the Neo and Evo or big air kiteboarding with the Rebel plus kitefoiling. Duotone have so many incredibly versatile watersports products.

We ship Duotone kites wings and kiteboards All over Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth.

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74 products

74 products