Starboard Foil X 2021

The Starboard Foil X is the most compact windsurf foilboard available. Perfect for free ride wind foiling, the Foil X lets you carve your way to foiling heaven.

Hey guys Jon from Surf FX and before me lies the Starboard Foil X. Now this is their premier kind of freeride fun time winter foil board. So what you have here is a board that's built to pop early so what they've done they've done a few things with the tail you can see very channeled the channels start up here and start reducing that tail volume here so you can easily sink it to just quickly pop up onto the foil. Really nice shape, very boxy to keep it as compact as possible they really wanted this board to be something that you can just easily put in the back of your car and they really made it for you know small sails like even the biggest one the 145, they recommend an eight meter at max but most of the guys will be riding this with like a five or a six.

Now they've done a bunch of stuff to make it way more free ride friendly and much more beginner friendly too in the same light. They put a set of inboard foot straps, so it gives you a bit more control obviously and you know guys are starting to jump these so a bit more stability that way but having it a little bit further in and really one right inboard here on the back is that you can get right over top of it and just be very centered when you want to get going. Of course as you move it further out it's going to prevent that kind of roll, you got a bit more control over that rolling of the board but really nice to have an option of having it right on the inside. Now the shape of this they really did a nose rocker you can see here the nose rocker kind of starts at the top end of the mast trap and it's just a continuous one it's not massive like a big hook nose or anything like that but it's enough that when you come and touch down the nose rocker is going to hold the board up so you can recover so you're not going to just either if it's too much nose rocker it'll stick and really bog down and it was not enough obviously you're going over the front and smashing yourself, so really nice that they kind of designed this from the ground out to be a fun free free ride foil board as opposed to like a full-on race board. Size-wise there's a 105 here, you got the 125 and then there's a 145. Now the 145 that's our biggest seller it's super easy to uphold because it's 145 it's plenty of volume and it really lets you get going on a small sail in light winds with a good size foil, they recommend the super cruiser obviously it's a Starboard one but any of the bigger wing foils on this just makes a real enjoyable day on the water, in a super light wind so you can get going with a big foil it just ripples so it's really able to get maximum water time fantastic setup. Constructions you got two choices you have the wood sandwich like we have in front of us here and then behind me here you can see that I got the Starlite, the wood sandwich is a timber laminate sandwich construction top and bottom with actually uses Australian pine pretty cool top and bottom, the Starlite uses a sandwich but also uses a carbon and inegra rail setup which is pretty cool on their cheaper construction so pretty nice to see that come through.