North Chase - Surf, Foil, Kite

The North Chase is an excellent kite surfboard that doubles as a foil board.

Hey guys Jon from Surf FX and this is the North Chase. Now the North Chase is a pretty special board from North because it is an awesome kite surfboard and a foil board so what you can do with this obviously is put a foil on it so by not having the big boxes the weight of this is actually quite reasonable some of the boards with the boxes and the extra reinforcing are a bit heavy this one with these large inserts you can see the reinforced patch here and here keeping it nice and stiff obviously because there's a lot of leverage on the tail when you've got a foil on it, keeps the weight down quite well. Now these boards are a super popular shape it's a bit more squared off more straight outline so as a kite surfboard very fast nice rail so it's got a nice grip and there's a little bonus they obviously, you can see here, they come with a full deck pad having the full deck pad means you don't have to buy a full deck pad so nice little touch. You also notice here that you've got inserts for foot straps so you can have foot straps on this board as well so you don't just have to ride strapless so the foot straps allow you to you know a bit more control on your foiling as a beginner whether you want foot straps not up to you and as a kite surfboard again you know with or without foot straps you got options there. Fin boxes really nice having fcs2 so it gives you the option of running fcs2 fins or of course the little grub screw means you can put in regular fcs fins as well so nice to have that choice a lot of board companies are kind of doing a generic box but having the scs2s most guys who surf will have a box of fins that can chuck in there so it's pretty standard with the 90 mm across on the foil inserts and then the distance front to back I mean that fits obviously the north foils but it fits some other stuff too like Duotone, Axis, quite a few others. Now again with the rocker line this has a fairly flat section to the tail to keep it as a foil board you want it nice and parallel and it also means it's a nice fast kiteboard to. There's a little bit of tail rocker to get it loose from the back end and then a progressive nose rocker so this board it's a very nice board to surf again it's thin rails lots of rail grip so you can really drive it off the rail so it's a nice one to turn and having a bit more straighter outline lets you kind of use that rail to kind of chuck up wind as well too. Now construction wise this uses their little flex technology they've got carbon running around the length of the board and the rails and then it's inegra with a carbon mat across the tail to stiffen up the whole fin section. Size-wise you know, pretty decent this is the 5'2" this is our most popular size so it's going to really let most guys get out there and foil and have a good surf.