2024 North Orbit Pro

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2024 North Orbit Pro big ait kite.

The pro-version of North's premier 5-strut kite is competition-optimised to land the highest-scoring tricks, and engineered lighter with faster steering, more extreme boosting and hangtime.

Engineered lighter Its efficient, weight saving design features lighter N-Max Dacron, stripped back scuff guards, the lightest bladders, reduced HyperFlow hardware and steering impulse attachment points.

Podium Proven The Orbit Pro lets you exploit increased pressure systems at altitude for greater power and delivers the hangtime you need to win the heat.

Performance Driven At North, we know committing to overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions demands unwavering trust in your kite. The Orbit Pro guarantees Incredible top-end control and performance you can rely on



2024 North Orbit Pro