2023 Duotone Hybrid SLS Surfboard

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2023 Duotone Hybrid SLS kite surfboard and foilboard.

The Hybrid SLS is based on the Whip shape, but with a modified bottom channel and a foil attachment. The Hybrid SLS can be used as a kitesurf board or a foil board. Our unique four-point foil mount is lighter than conventional tracks and still allows the board to maintain necessary flex in the mounting area when used as a surfboard.

An excellent small to medium wave kitesurf board or an all-round free ride foil board, the Hybrid SLS makes an excellent travel board to cover all your surfing and foiling needs with one single board. The SLS Construction, gives a lively feeling underfoot and makes for a great connection to the foil, giving you total control. The Hybrid SLS is an unbelievably capable board; no matter how you choose to ride it, simplify your quiver with the most versatile board you can buy.

2023 Duotone Hybrid SL Surfboard