2023 Starboard Hypernut Foil 5 in 1

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5 sports in 1 board, the most versatile board we have ever made:

  • Sup Surf
  • Sup Foil
  • Wing Foil
  • Windsurf
  • Windsurf Foil


The 2023 Hyper Nut 5-in-1 offers you 5 sports, with 1 board. We recommend it particularly for SUP Waves, SUP Foil and Wingboarding.

The 12" long foil box gives you freedom to move the position of the foil, so you can adjust the lift to match your riding style and conditions. Use the far forward position for Foil SUP learning, a bit backwards in steep waves, Wingboarding in the middle and for Windsurf the foil can be all the way in the back.

Use the foot straps in case you want more control when winging and sup foiling

You might also like standing well balanced in the straps while getting ready for the next wave.



• Performance: The Hypernuts wide nose and tail makes it a stable shape for you to get up and riding early. The short length allows you to have precise control over the trim of the board, allowing you to stand in one position to pump the board for speed.

• Plate mount only: Both the 5-in-1 and 3-in-1 are supplied with the a long 12” US box, giving you more room to adjust the position to suit your riding style and conditions.

• Foot straps: The front strap has a 45 degree angled strap suited for wingboarding. The back strap is centered with a wide spread of 18cm to give you plenty of room to adjust the trim and move within the straps. A large foot strap that has a wider spread is be purchased after market


8’0” x 31.5”: Suited for riders up to 100kg, the wider outline and longer length of the 8’0” offers the most stability, ideal if you’re learning or want an easier board to balance on. The longer length makes it easier for you to paddle into waves and is fastest to paddle back out to the lineup. The ability to do 5 different sports in 1 day, on 1 board, makes this board an exceptional offering and a must have in your quiver.

7’4” x 30”: Best for riders up to 90kg, the 7’4” with its shorter length and narrower width is more maneuverable and ideal if you’re a lighter or more advanced rider. The compact shape provides a very precise control so you can trim the board when foiling with minimal movement or error. The shorter length makes it easier for you to avoid catching the nose through turns.

7’2” x 28”: The 7’2” is the shortest and narrowest size, suited if you’re up to 80kg and focused on wing foiling, sup foiling and sup surfing. The 7’2” is the most maneuverable, allowing you to fit into tighter pockets of the wave and do more radical turns with faster rotation due to having less swing weight. The compact outline makes it very stable and predictable when foiling, allowing for a lot of control to pump the board to generate more speed.

2023 Starboard Hypernut Foil 5 in 1