2023 Starboard Pro Limited Series

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Designed and developed in Portugal with shaper Luis "Lacrau" and Ollie O'Reilly, tested by Franz Orsi, Benoit Carpentier, Leonard Nika, Trevor Tunnington, Claudio Nika, Daniel Hasuylo.

• The 6'10" is a thinner lower volume model and was tested and approved by Riki Horikoshi from Japan.

• Complete new shape gives more speed to set up and complete maneuvers, more hold through bottom turns in bigger surf and greater response.

• New rocker is more forgiving on steeper drops, flatter deck feels less corky and new fin positions refine the control and drive through turns.

• Thinner nose profile reduces swing weight for more radical snaps, thinner tail gives more bite and response through turns. • New size range is slightly longer in length with a new smaller 6'10" model for lighter higher skilled riders.

• The Pro line is offered in Blue Carbon Pro with FCS 2 side fin boxes and the Limited Series which includes normal FCS side fin boxes.

• The 9'6" Gun is available in the Blue Carbon construction with additional UD Carbon stringers and heavier glass cloths to increase the total breakage strength to handle bigger surf.

• The Pro design is a performance shape for serious riders seeking world-class waves.


9’0” x 30” PRO: The largest in the Pro shape, the 9’0” remains a favourite for heavier riders up to 120 kg. The new outline is faster generating speed, and easier to rotate through turns as it has reduced swing weight. A great option if you want max stability with pro surfing performance.


8’7” x 29.5” PRO: The 8’7” retains the same dimensions, yet feels more stable and less corky from the flatter deck. The fine rails and sharp squash tail hold well in the bigger surf, allowing you to feel more in control to push harder on your bottom turns! Slightly flatter tail rocker and pulled in nose translates into a faster down the line speed.

8’2” x 29” PRO: The 8’2” replaces the previous 8’0”, extending the length to catch waves that bit earlier and to hold its line in steeper drops. The 8’2” at 118 L will be highly popular for riders up to 95kg, bridging the gap between the much loved 8’5” in previous years the 8’0” of last. The new fin position gives you the needed bite and manoeuvrability, coupled with drive through turns!


7’10” x 28” PRO: At 104 L, the new 7’10” is slightly thinner yet longer than the previous 7’7”, making the float feel less corky despite the reduced volume. The added length and narrower nose aids late entry in hollower waves, giving you more speed to confidently make critical sections. Squash tail feels smooth and secure when you drive off the bottom and hit the lip!


7’5” x 26.75” PRO: Feeling like a surfboard, the 7’5” was a hit among testers for its ability to float riders up to 80kg, yet turn heads in performance! The narrow nose wants to whip through turns and allows you to sit deep in the pocket of waves. The higher nose rocker feels more forgiving, while the thin rails nose and tail feel ultra-responsive to foot pressure.


7’0” x 24” PRO: “The new 7’0” shape feels amazing, really reactive and definitely more high performance” ~Benoit Carpentier. Between rail shape, outline and fin position, the 7’0” delivers more control in bigger surf and carries it flow to link manoeuvres. Leonard Nika loved the feeling of the new model, giving confidence to improve and progress his surfing to the next level!


6’10” x 24” PRO: Tested and approved by one of Japan’s top riders, Riki Horikoshi, the 6’10” is the smallest pro model at 61 L, ideal for high skilled and lightweight riders. The narrow nose outline, thin rails and increased rocker over the predecessor 6’8” contribute to more control, speed and response. A flatter deck gives you increased comfort and stability.

2023 Starboard Pro Limited Series