Armstrong Wing FG Foilboard

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Armstrong Wing FG Foilboard.

The Wing FG board range is designed to enable your winging progression. Its refined shape packs more volume into smaller dimensions, allowing riders to experience the riding performance of a smaller board while facilitating ease of use. A swept wedge nose, cleanly arranged tail geometry and full length chines result in a uniqu e level of functionality, refinement and aesthetics. Ten sizes from 34 - 135L offer something for riders of all skill levels and weights.


  • Narrow outline for increased planing speed, higher turning performance and reduced windage.
  • Improved stability with a wider, flatter standing area and contoured deck grip edges. Swept wedge nose with increased thickness for improved floatation and durability.
  • Incredibly smooth and easy takeoffs and touchdowns with a cleaner, reduced area bottom shape. - Raised de ck grip corners for intuitive foot placement reference.
  • Single sided handle for easy carry and reduced water splash on takeoff and touchdown.
  • Footstrap screw plugs offer multiple placement options
Armstrong Wing FG Foilboard
Armstrong Wing FG Foilboard
Armstrong Wing FG Foilboard
Armstrong Wing FG Foilboard