Severne FGO Foil Sail

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Specially designed for small racers, the lightweight FGO has strong reinforcements in vital areas and covers a wide weight and wind range. The FGO benefits from the development of the race-winning Severne HyperGlide racing sails.


  • Seamless head panel: this high abrasion area is made from only 1 panel and does not carry any exposed seams, preventing any potential weak point in this area. as a result, seam creep and seam-related failure have been eliminated.
  • Refined leading edge: tuned entry with a finer leading edge rotation for reduced drag.
  • Optimized aerodynamics: by aligning the battens with the direction of airflow drag has been reduced. clean panels with minimal seams further improve the aerodynamics. High-performance monofilm: custom high end monofilm construction to maximise performance and minimize weight. construction mimics the exact sail prototypes that were tested by our racers.
  • Boom height reference: boom height gauge for ease of reference.
  • Action window panel: crucial to big fleet starts, slalom racing and close contact. keep a close eye on your competitors and your own positioning during racing.
  • Seamless foot construction: a single panel in the foot area with hidden load patches and zero exposed stitching eliminates seam abrasion and seam creep in this high load area. maximum durability and minimum weight.
Severne FGO Olympic Jr Sail