Severne Moto Sail

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The Severne Moto windsurf sail morphs two sails into a single sail that transcends performance boundaries.

Combining the speed and stability of the Overdrive with the lightweight user-friendliness of the Turbo, the Moto simplifies all aspects of freeride. One sail for all.

The high skin tension combined with a two cam / seven batten frame create enough structural rigidity for the Moto to match a slalom sail for top-end speed. Shorter boom lengths are matched with a deeper profile and race-tuned leading edge to increase lift, reduce drag and balance the backhand pressure.

Featuring a highly tapered luff sleeve, the Moto feels much lighter than a race sail. This makes gybes effortless and waterstarting easier. Every design detail has been evaluated and executed based on maximizing ease of use AND performance. Blast all day.

The Moto is a direct descendant of the Mach6 race sail program and utilizes the XR concept: An Xtended Range for each sail size allows for bigger gaps in your quiver. Choose your favorite sail and then skip a size up or down to broaden your wind range.

Severne Moto Sail

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