Shark Eyes Clear Decal

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Shark Eyes Stickers UV/water resistant, Australian made, high-tac vinyl durable shark repellent sticker. Recommended shark deterrent application to all watercraft ie surfboard, bodyboard, SUP, kite surf boards, kayak, canoe, dive tanks, dive fins etc. Please note the bigger the sticker the better the deterrent!

Sticker dimensions are: 

Small (210x64mm)

Medium (300x91mm)

Large (420x128mm)

Why use Shark Eyes?

The threat of shark attack is slowly eating away at our carefree attitude as shark encounters and attacks are increasing in Australian waters. This is affecting our enjoyment in the ocean.

The intention of the Shark Eyes visual deterrent and the additional information booklet is to offer you practical information, make you feel safer and more confident in the water and importantly possibly minimise your risk of an unwanted encounter or attack.

Shark Eyes Clear Decal - Surf FX