2022 Smik Style Lord V3

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The Style Lord is a performance longboard shape designed for smooth carves, a timeless soul arch or a little walk up the nose. I' also very agile when stepping back onto the tail, for a board that size. Shape Nose rocker single concave with new bevelled rails make it even more of a nose riding delight.

Fine and rounded rails provide response without bogging. The area forward has also been increased to make for effortless nose riding. Outline curves are smooth resulting in the easy initiation of carves, with hip between the feet allowing the board to come around hard on rail.

The squash tail provides a squirty sensation from the straightening of the outline in the tail. Rolled V and double concaves through the middle allows mid board turning and accelleration while at the tail combines to produce tight driven turns. ​

These boards are at home in small powerless waves with good glide, but take them out in a bit of juice and they’ll be more than capable of holding a line in larger surf.

Smik Style Lord V3

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