Solarez Soft Board Repair Kit

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Solarez Soft Surfboard Repair Kit EXTERIOR REPAIR DIRECTIONS: 1) Surface should be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease or wax. 2) Apply SPONGE-REZ directly to the outer skin or hull materials and allow to dry completely overnight. FILLING A DEEP DING THAT INVADES TO THE EPS CORE: 1) If white EPS foam is exposed in any situation, first coat the EPS with Solarez EPOXY (in the blue tube). Allow 2 to 3 minutes for it to cure in good sunlight or with artificial UV light. Now you can apply SPONGE- -REZ to this surface and it will make a smooth, self-leveling overcoat. DELAMINATION: 1) Apply Solarez EPOXY (in the blue tube) to the white EPS foam, spread it smooth and allow 2 to 3 minutes exposure to sunlight. 2) Apply a smooth coating of SPONGE-REZ to the cured Solarez EPOXY and apply a smooth coat to the delaminated hull or deck material. 3) Allow both sides to dry about 5-10 minutes, then press them together. It is best if you seal the repair shut with masking tape and allow it to sit overnight. WETSUIT SEALING: 1) Apply two lines of masking tape 1/8” away from the seam center so you now have a 1/4″ gutter with the seam in the middle. 2) IN THE SHADE, apply a liberal bead of SPONGE-REZ, enough so that it floods the gap. Allow it to soak in for 30 seconds. 3) Remove the tape while the resin is still wet. 4) Allow to cure at least 2 hours before using.
Solarez Soft Board Repair Kit

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