Ocean&Earth Diamond LB Reg Knee 9'

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Ocean and Earth regular Longboard surfboard leash knee ONE PIECE EXTRUDED CORD From swivel to swivel - just one cord... one component. Eliminates the need for end joins, which are the weakest points in conventional leashes, meaning no weak points. DUAL ANCHOR SWIVELS Marine grade, stainless anti-corrosive free-spin swivels for tangle-free surfing. ORIGINAL DETACHABLE RAILSAVER The original railsaver system designed by O&E, with sewn in anchor cord. Protects rails and is easily detached. NEW FORMULA CONTROLLED-STRETCH URETHANE The larger the wave, the more stretch which keeps your board at a safe distance away. Premium grade quality urethane developed by the world's leading manufacturer. FLEX NECK STRAP PLUG Allows 360º movement of leash and offers more comfort when leash is under load.
Ocean&Earth Diamond LB Reg Knee 9'