Starboard Armacore Centre Fin US

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Starboard Armacore single centre fins are designed for high performance; offering a fine-tuned flex made at a very lightweight. The flex allows power to be stored and released to drive through turns in the waves, while the stiffness on flat-water delivers solid tracking and control.

Armacore fins are available with Blue Carbon, Pine Tek, Starlite Pro and Starlite Hypernut as center and side fins. All other Starlite boards feature this tech only in the critical center fin. The most ground breaking part of the new Armacore collection is that they offer a sustainable solution for closed-loop recycling and contribute to the creation of a circular economy. The core of the fin uses Armacel which is made of 100% Recycled Plastic bottles (RPET). The fins are built with a revolutionary bio recyclable epoxy resin that can be recycled to recover and reuse all of the materials without resorting to the use of new virgin materials.

In essence, the fin can be dipped in a solution for 2 – 3 hours, during which the resin, the core and the fibre reinforcements separate. These can then be partly reused to generate new fins or create further bioproducts such as plastic injected parts like foot strap inserts. The system has been listed for an Award and has the potential to change eventually the entire industry’s outlook on how way molds, tooling, boards and fins can be recycled.

Advantages of Armacore:

  • Made with recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise enter landfill or worse, the oceans.
  • Requires less energy than traditional recycling, saving CO2 emissions overall.
  • Reduces the dependence on using virgin materials as the materials can be reused or regenerated into new bioproducts.
  • Epoxy thermosets are high-performance polymers with superior mechanical strength
  • The innovation used allows the recovery and recycling of thermoset composite, unlike conventional thermoset plastics which are non-recyclable.
  • Contributes to the circular economy by eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions during incineration of waste and lessen landfilling & ocean dumping, by enabling recovery & recycling of waste
Starboard Centre Fin US
Starboard Centre Fin US
Starboard Centre Fin US
Starboard Centre Fin US